Trump Boost – Rethink? (TWTW – Jan 9-13, 2017)

Trump Boost – Rethink? With the Inauguration of President Elect Donald J Trump on the immediate horizon (Jan 20th), market participants have – prompted in part by the Donald’s continued tweeting – begun reappraising the gains scored since his early November election as 45th President of the United States.

World of Post Truth Truth … Here we come!

Recent Developments:

  • Euro Area Unemployment – holds at 7 Year low as growth strenghtens (Bloomberg)
  • UK pound –  at 10 weeks lows …
  • China – factory prices rise at fastest in 5 years (Reflation?)
  • JPY – seen weakening in 2017, heading to 125 against the USD (analyst who foresaw how it would fare in 2016)
  • Gold – Keeps regaining ground, as Trump trade unwinds, with bonds gaining ground as well
  • Donald’s latest target – Pharma, whom he paints as “getting away with murder”…

Latest market numbers as seen through the ETFs providing exposure to the most commonly referred to benchmarks:

ticker name change ticker name change ticker name change
XIU S&P/TSX 60 0.32% PXG RAFI Global Fundamental -0.24% VCN FTSE Canada All Cap Index ETF -0.06%
XIC S&P/TSX Capped Composite -0.01% PXS RAFI US Fundamental Index -1.20% VCE FTSE Canada Index ETF -0.09%
CRQ RAFI CDN Fundamental 0.71% QQC NASDAQ 100 CAD Hedged 0.80% VUN CRSP US Total Market Index Unhedged -0.83%
XSP S&P 500 CAD Hedged -0.15% PZC RAFI CDN Small-Mid Fundam 1.09% VSP S&P 500 CAD Hedged -0.20%
XUS S&P500 -0.91% VXC FTSE All-World Ex Canada Index ETF -0.29%
XMU MSCI Min Vol US -1.24% XXM/b Morningstar US Value (Unh) -0.39% VEF FTSE Developed ex North-Am CAD H 0.05%
CLU RAFI US Fund 1000 CAD H -0.33% YXM/b Morningstar US Momentum (Unh) -0.83% VDU FTSE Developed ex North-America 0.13%
XSU Russell 2000 CAD Hedged 0.31% FXM Morningstar CDN Value 1.11% VE FTSE Developed Europe -0.28%
XIN MSCI EAFE CAD Hedged -0.15% WXM Morningstar CDN Momentum 0.33% VA FTSE Developed Asia Pacific 0.50%
XEH MSCI Europe IMI CAD H 0.13% VXM/b Morningstar Intl Value (Unh) 0.51% VEE FTSE Emerging Mkts 0.58%
XEC MSCI EM IMI 1.11% ZXM/b Morningstar Intl Momentum (Unh) -0.04% HAZ Active Global Dividends -0.83%
XMM MSCI Min Vol Emerging 0.08% RWE MSCI Europe Low Risk Weighted (H) -0.17% HHF Morningstar Hedge Fund Index 0.51%
CWO RAFI Broad Emerging 1.10% HMF Auspice Managed Futures -1.38%
CJP RAFI Fundam Japan CAD H -0.97% ZDJ Dow Jones CAD Hedged -0.56% HAC Seasonal Rotation 0.32%
CDZ CDN Div Aristocrats -0.41% ZEQ MSCI Europe High Quality CAD H 0.22% HPR Active Preferred Shares 0.23%
week of: Jan 9-13, 2017 Source: ETFinsight/Bloomberg

Weekly Volumes for the week of January 9-13, 2017:

weekly volume data:
Total Volume non-leveraged $5,360,853,781
top 10 Volume non leveraged $2,550,870,967
Total Volume leveraged $2,119,505,649
top 5 Volume leveraged $1,517,639,260
Total Volumes overall: $7,480,359,430
Top 10 + Top 5: $4,068,510,227
top 10 non leveraged % of total nl: 47.6%
top 5 leveraged % of total leveraged 71.6%
Top 10 + Top 5 as % of total traded: 54.4%

volumes week ending Jan 13, 2017

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Top and Bottom performing ETFs for the week of January 9-13, 2017:

Ticker Name % Change Avg Price Weekly Volume $ Volume traded
Top Performers week of (Jan 9-13, 2017)
XBM CN Equity iShares S&P/TSX Global Base Metals Index ETF 8.05% $12.16 252,429 $3,055,750
ZMT CN Equity BMO S&P/TSX Equal Weight Global Base Metals Hedged to CAD Index ETF 6.78% $9.88 896,051 $8,675,819
FDE CN Equity First Trust AlphaDEX Emerging Market Dividend ETF 4.16% $15.24 303,261 $4,600,383
HUN CN Equity Horizons Natural Gas ETF 3.86% $7.05 40,392 $284,808
HNY CN Equity Horizons Natural Gas Yield ETF 3.81% $15.29 52,376 $805,924
XMA CN Equity iShares S&P/TSX Capped Materials Index ETF 2.71% $13.43 1,101,717 $14,797,839
HAF CN Equity Horizons Active Global Fixed Income ETF 2.51% $8.05 43,023 $345,982
ZJG CN Equity BMO Junior Gold Index ETF 2.50% $8.97 2,658,817 $23,902,296
CBQ CN Equity iShares BRIC Index ETF 2.27% $20.16 60,822 $1,212,451
CGL CN Equity iShares Gold Bullion ETF 2.04% $10.38 524,637 $5,444,921
Bottom Performers
XHU CN Equity iShares US High Dividend Equity Index ETF -1.95% $22.29 54,930 $1,228,008
ZEO CN Equity BMO S&P/TSX Equal Weight Oil & Gas Index ETF -2.11% $12.58 1,110,714 $13,951,617
CGR CN Equity iShares Global Real Estate Index ETF -2.14% $28.19 95,756 $2,695,660
CCX CN Equity Auspice Canadian Crude Oil Index ETF -2.56% $8.77 58,518 $513,207
HUV CN Equity BetaPro S&P 500 VIX Short-Term Futures ETF -2.94% $7.65 295,468 $2,299,052
HEE CN Equity Horizons Enhanced Income Energy ETF -3.87% $15.31 28,448 $436,666
XEG CN Equity iShares S&P/TSX Capped Energy Index ETF -3.93% $13.59 20,523,581 $278,399,584
HXE CN Equity Horizons S&P/TSX Capped Energy Index ETF -4.08% $22.11 51,041 $1,126,939
ZJO CN Equity BMO Junior Oil Index ETF -4.67% $17.89 80,755 $1,451,414
ZJN CN Equity BMO Junior Gas Index ETF -4.73% $18.19 28,638 $523,824

Top Performing ETFs – Gold, and by extension, Materials, as well as base metals, alongside Nat Gas and EM fared best against the backdrop of markets reassessing the earlier Trump boost – or whatever we chose to call it.. .

Bottom Performing ETFs – Following recent strong gains, Energy related ETFs pulled back some – are they set to give back further ground?

Sectors breakdown for the week:

Sectors week of Jan 9-13, 2017

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