Mid-Mar 2017 CDN ETFs: AUM update – Onward and Upward …

Aggregate CDN ETFs AUM is estimated to have risen a further $2.1 Billion or so since Feb 28, to Mar 15, 2017, reaching CAD 122.3 Billion in the process.

The breakdown between net new issuance and further market gains is about 55% net new, and 45% markets.

Net inflows went primarily to BMO (+$548MM); Vanguard (+$180MM); RBC (+$92MM); and Horizons (+$89MM).

Combined, Tier I players captured 73% of inflows to mid-March, while also enjoying 78% of the gains accruing from market gains.

As at mid-March, Tier I Players account for 90.6% of industry assets, Tier II 8.3%; and Tier III 1%.

Notable flows:


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