The Arrogance of Entitlement (TWTW – May 22-26, 2017)

The Arrogance of Entitlement – President Trump’s Travels to the Middle East and Europe – including a visit to the Pope – failed to relieve the pressure stemming from the FBI investigation into his campaign’s dealings with Russia…

This is as news surfaced that his son-in-law Jared Kushner was being asked about his efforts to establish back channels contacts through Russia’s embassador to the US … Read More => Click HERE!

Is it just me? Or does this US Administration just simply not get it? Just because you are Billionaires, you guys … It doesn’t mean you get to do … WHATEVER … Or maybe, in your warped perception of how the world works, it does (?) – How will it end? Come to think of it, maybe it in fact very much is how it works for you, or has … Will that change and is a reality check on its way?

Recent Developments:

  • Trump – Visits the Vatican; after selling USD 110 Billion of weapons to the Saudis (see the irony here?) … then on to NATO
  • OPEC – Extends Oil cuts for 9 months (and oil prices weaken, with Energy stocks pulling back as well…)
  • the US – will take a few more days for Trump to express his views regarding climate …
  • The Bank of Canada – Stephen Poloz changes his tune against a backdrop on strong economic data
  • Canada’s Banks – continue to manage to generally exceed expectations, as illustrated by Royal; TD; and CIBC, all of whom bested estimates on – among other things – lower provisions for loan losses
  • Moody’s – downgraded China’s credit rating
  • Standard and Poors – downgraded Alberta’s …

Latest market numbers as seen through ETFs providing exposure to the most commonly referred to benchmarks:

ticker name change ticker name change ticker name change
XIU S&P/TSX 60 -0.81% PXG RAFI Global Fundamental 0.00% VCN FTSE Canada All Cap Index ETF -0.35%
XIC S&P/TSX Capped Composite -0.18% PXS RAFI US Fundamental Index 0.08% VCE FTSE Canada Index ETF -0.03%
CRQ RAFI CDN Fundamental -0.46% QQC/F NASDAQ 100 CAD Hedged 2.36% VUN CRSP US Total Market Index Unhedged 1.02%
XSP S&P 500 CAD Hedged 1.43% PZC RAFI CDN Small-Mid Fundam #N/A VSP S&P 500 CAD Hedged 1.40%
XUS S&P500 1.02% VXC FTSE All-World Ex Canada Index ETF 0.49%
XMU MSCI Min Vol US 1.45% XXM/b Morningstar US Value (Unh) -0.83% VEF FTSE Developed ex North-Am CAD H 0.43%
CLU RAFI US Fund 1000 CAD H 0.82% YXM/b Morningstar US Momentum (Unh) 0.06% VDU FTSE Developed ex North-America -0.34%
XSU Russell 2000 CAD Hedged 1.23% FXM Morningstar CDN Value -0.90% VE FTSE Developed Europe -0.30%
XIN MSCI EAFE CAD Hedged 0.27% WXM Morningstar CDN Momentum 0.26% VA FTSE Developed Asia Pacific -0.09%
XEH MSCI Europe IMI CAD H 0.63% VXM/b Morningstar Intl Value (Unh) -0.59% VEE FTSE Emerging Mkts 0.51%
XEC MSCI EM IMI 0.84% ZXM/b Morningstar Intl Momentum (Unh) 0.56% HAZ Active Global Dividends 0.53%
XMM MSCI Min Vol Emerging 0.11% RWE MSCI Europe Low Risk Weighted (H) 0.91% HHF Morningstar Hedge Fund Index 0.15%
CWO RAFI Broad Emerging 0.90% HMF Auspice Managed Futures -0.45%
CJP RAFI Fundam Japan CAD H 0.70% ZDJ Dow Jones CAD Hedged 1.35% HAC Seasonal Rotation -0.21%
CDZ CDN Div Aristocrats -0.88% ZEQ MSCI Europe High Quality CAD H 0.89% HPR Active Preferred Shares -0.55%
week of: May 22-26, 2017 OVERALL Source: ETFinsight/Bloomberg


Respectively through available “FACTORS” (Smart or Strategic Beta) ETFs:

ticker name change ticker name change
RAFI: Value: Yield:
CRQ RAFI CDN Fundamental -0.46% VXM/b Morningstar Intl Value (Unh) -0.59% CDZ iShares S&P/TSX Canadian Dividend Aristocrats Index ETF -0.88%
CLU RAFI US Fund 1000 CAD H 0.82% XXM/b Morningstar US Value (Unh) -0.83% XHU iShares US High Dividend Equity Index ETF 0.35%
CJP RAFI Fundam Japan CAD H 0.70% FXM Morningstar CDN Value -0.90% VGG Vanguard US Dividend Appreciation Index ETF 1.46%
CWO RAFI Broad Emerging 0.90% XCV iShares Canadian Value Index ETF -0.51% CUD iShares US Dividend Growers Index ETF CAD-Hedged 0.96%
PXG RAFI Global Fundamental 0.00% VVL Vanguard Global Value Factor Etf -0.28%
PZC RAFI CDN Small-Mid Fundam #N/A Momentum:
YXM/b Morningstar US Momentum (Unh) 0.06%
Min Vol: ZXM/b Morningstar Intl Momentum (Unh) 0.56%
VVO Vanguard Global Minimum Volatility Etf 1.20% WXM Morningstar CDN Momentum 0.26% Multi-Factors:
XMW MSCI Min Vol World 0.34% VMO Vanguard Global Momentum Factor Etf 0.24% XFC iShares Edge MSCI Multifactor Canada Index ETF -0.17%
XMI MSCI Min Vol EAFE -0.22% Liquidity: XFS iShares Edge MSCI Multifactor USA Index ETF 1.39%
XMM MSCI Min Vol Emerging 0.11% VLQ Vanguard Global Liquidity Factor Etf 0.39% XFI iShares Edge MSCI Multifactor EAFE Index ETF 0.08%
XMU MSCI Min Vol US 1.45% Quality: Low Risk Weighted:
XMV MSCI Min Vol Canada 0.00% ZEQ BMO MSCI Europe High Quality Hedged To CAD Index ETF 0.89% RWE First Asset MSCI Europe Low Risk Weighted ETF 0.91%
week of: May 22-26, 2017 FACTORS / SMART BETA / STRATEGIC BETA Source: ETFinsight/Bloomberg

Check out the above table: More Factors, including Multi Factors, as well as Individual Factors on a Global basis, with more individual ETF solutions presented.

Weekly Volumes for the week of May 22-26, 2017:

weekly volume data:
Total Volume non-leveraged $4,509,271,753
top 10 Volume non leveraged $2,413,269,068
Total Volume leveraged $1,402,837,854
top 5 Volume leveraged $959,818,720
Total Volumes overall: $5,912,109,608
Top 10 + Top 5: $3,373,087,788
top 10 non leveraged % of total nl: 53.5%
top 5 leveraged % of total leveraged 68.4%
Top 10 + Top 5 as % of total traded: 57.1%

Recent Volumes history:

volumes week ending may 26, 2017

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Top and Bottom performing ETFs for the week of May 22-26, 2017:

Ticker Name % Change Avg Price Weekly Volume $ Volume traded
Top Performers week of May 22-26, 2017
HMMJ CN Equity Horizons Medical Marijuana Life Sciences ETF 6.48% $9.56 989,758 $9,403,245
HUZ CN Equity Horizons Silver ETF 2.73% $9.66 27,172 $263,620
SVR CN Equity iShares Silver Bullion ETF 2.47% $9.44 54,107 $511,457
XQQ CN Equity iShares NASDAQ 100 Index ETF CAD-Hedged 2.43% $47.14 134,475 $6,332,132
RUEH CN Equity RBC Quant US Equity Leaders Cad Hedged Etf 2.39% $22.21 9,947 $220,919
QQC/F CN Equity PowerShares QQQ Index ETF 2.36% $49.89 185,702 $9,290,532
ZQQ CN Equity BMO Nasdaq 100 Equity Hedged To CAD Index ETF 2.36% $43.89 326,171 $14,304,435
TXF CN Equity First Asset Tech Giants Covered Call ETF 2.22% $15.03 257,949 $3,889,128
VGH CN Equity Vanguard US Dividend Appreciation Index ETF CAD-Hedged 1.87% $32.43 80,824 $2,624,421
HXQ CN Equity Horizons NASDAQ 100 Index ETF 1.84% $42.76 10,500 $448,415
Bottom Performers
HUC CN Equity Horizons Crude Oil ETF -2.24% $11.54 134,793 $1,559,742
HPF CN Equity Energy Leaders Plus Income ETF -2.34% $5.49 245,945 $1,336,732
ZEO CN Equity BMO S&P/TSX Equal Weight Oil & Gas Index ETF -2.77% $11.39 801,904 $9,111,745
OXF CN Equity First Asset Can-Energy Covered Call ETF -3.08% $10.19 11,857 $119,891
HEE CN Equity Horizons Enhanced Income Energy ETF -3.37% $13.39 25,060 $334,526
ZJG CN Equity BMO Junior Gold Index ETF -3.45% $8.22 460,024 $3,791,406
XEG CN Equity iShares S&P/TSX Capped Energy Index ETF -3.82% $12.31 17,335,103 $212,786,590
CCX CN Equity Auspice Canadian Crude Oil Index ETF -4.66% $8.78 57,650 $509,570
ZJO CN Equity BMO Junior Oil Index ETF -6.97% $14.11 229,251 $3,276,258
HUV CN Equity BetaPro S&P 500 VIX Short-Term Futures ETF -7.59% $4.89 136,459 $667,608

Top Performing ETFs – Medical Marijuana leading to the upside last week, after several weeks of weakness … Has a bottom (temporary?) been found? Other – NASDAQ exposure leading gainers as well. How long or how much longer, rather will MEGA Cap Technology lead?

Bottom Performing ETFs – despite OPEC agreeing to extend current production cuts by a further 9 months, Oil and related exposure led to the downside. A case of buy the rumour, sell the news? Also likely: continued doubt around the sustainability of rising prices in the face of continued surplus, respectively resurgence of Shale production …

Last week’s Sector Performance:

Energy the weakest spot last week.

CDN Financials: Q2 results posted by Royal; TD; and CIBC all ahead, while BMO came up short a notch = nothing much in the aggregate, with XFN barely registering a change on the week…

sector performance week ending may 26, 2017

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