Low Cost Portfolios

Traditional Low Cost Portfolios follow the Traditional Portfolios in terms of identifying typical investor profiles. The Low Cost Portfolios are unique as they seek to have holdings with the lowest combined management expense ratios (MERs).
Low Cost Models
Conservative Fundamental


The Low Cost Conservative Portfolio is for investors whose risk tolerance is the lowest, with capital preservation a top priority.


The Balanced Portfolio is for investors with moderate risk tolerance seeking to balance capital preservation and growth. A greater allocation to equities aims to address the need for higher growth, relative to the Conservative Portfolio.



The Growth Portfolio is aimed at investors willing to tolerate greater volatility in their quest for growth


ETFi Portfolio Models

Fundamental Low Cost Mining Exploration

Traditional Portfolios

Traditional Portfolios follow the basic framework of identifying typical investors’ profiles, from income/conservative at one end of the spectrum to aggressive growth at the opposite end.

Fundamental Portfolios

Fundamental Portfolios are designed for investors who believe that fundamental metrics and actively managed ETFs achieve superior returns – potentially both on an absolute and on a risk-adjusted basis.

Alternative Portfolios

The Alternative Portfolios are designed to address a) inflation; b) rising rates; and c) declining rates.