ETF Strategists – a Rapidly Growing Subset of Asset Management

If stock picking is “passe” and most of the value-add to be had from asset management stems from asset allocation, then how about “going global” to access as much potential diversification and asset categories as possible, seek to handle downside risk, and look to adding alpha by making tactical allocation calls? Making extensive use of Exchange Traded Funds to implement their investment views is as natural as it gets for the so-called ETFs Strategist category. It is asset management at a macro level, with the potential for better risk adjusted returns stemming from the greater opportunity set (if the diversification calls prove valid) and the benefit of lower management costs due to the cost efficiencies found with ETFs and their scalability. (For Access to iShares Connect ETF Investment Strategists, click HERE)

Things To Consider When Looking to an ETF Strategist

Just because the category of ETF Strategists has been hot and ETFs are very much ” in vogue” doesn’t mean every one is cut out to be a Global Macro player, that they have the resources, experience, or the track record that speaks to being able to “handle it”. And just because ETFs are easy to get in and out of, provide great access, the benefit of diversification, and low cost doesn’t de facto garantee superior returns down the line relative to what a combination of individual stocks and mutual funds might have produced for you with the assistance of an Advisor.

Your needs – What are you looking for in an ETF Strategist? What kind of portfolio do you see as meeting your needs and objectives. Does the Strategist have the framework in place, and the service menu that suggests his or her firm’s approach will serve you and your needs well?

Costs – Here too, costs will vary – and so they should – dependent on a variety of factors, including size of account, investor profile, and the expertise brought to bear by the Strategist, respectively any track record they bring to the table. Past returns of course are no indication of future performance, however the combination of well thought out and articulated strategies and performance results validating the managers’ capabilities – perhaps including a demonstrated ability to customize risk exposures – ought to provide you with a sense as to whether the relationship will be a fit or not.

Here are a few firms involved in the space – a space we see as poised to grow rapidly here in coming years, as investors graps the relevance of moving beyond the traditional “Canadian home-biased 60/40 Balanced Portfolio” solution:


Bellwether Investment Management

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Forstrong Global

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Frame Global Asset Management

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PUR Investing Inc. 

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